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Orzale is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday in the rural life of Tuscany and as well close to the main Etruscan cities. Do enjoy the estate comforts and tasting of the country side.

We do also organize wine tasting with the tour of the vineyards and truffles tours with expert truffle searcher of the area with possibility to have dinner on site with truffles. For info just ask at the reception.
Due to its geographical position, we recommend tours to our towns and cities:
San Gimignano (about 20 km – south / east direction): small medieval village with its particular towers and pedestrian city center for shopping and restaurants in a romantic atmosphere.
Volterra (about 25 km – south / east direction): located on the top of a hill, the city has a wonderful panoramic view of the valleys, further more interesting museums of ancient jobs and Etruscan culture.
Pisa: (about 60 km – west direction) : the City of the Leaning Tower, unique in the world.
Siena: (about 65km – south / east direction): one of the most beautiful cities in Italy with the famous Piazza del Campo, the shell shaped square.
Firenze (about 65 km – north / east direction) : the most important city in Tuscany as politic and economic center, Firenze is the ancient city of arts with marvelous buildings, bridges, churches and museums.
Lucca (about 65 km – north direction) : strategic city rounded by walls established hundreds of years ago to protect the city from foreigners.
Coast (about 75 km – west direction): to enjoy a day on the beach , there are several locations where you can swim and stare at the sun.
Last but not least, Montaione, which is the closer town to Orzale (7 km) , has shops, markets and restaurants.

Tenuta Orzale

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Via Cerroni, 28 – 50050 Montaione (FI)

Email: info@tenutaorzale.it

: +39 349 0768437

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: +39 349 0768437
: +39 3494900364
: +39 3472714604


Company Headquartier
Via Cerroni,
28- 50050 Montaione (FI)

About Us

Every year we return to Orzale to taste this particular wine and fresh as the place is done!


Thanks to owners who organize rich tasting and explanations of all the work behind the excellent wine they produce. Very interesting tour of the cellars and vineyards.


Not only wine but also a great genuine olive oil!


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