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Apartment for 4 persons (possible to add an extra bed for 5 persons), located on the north side of the main building. The apartment has the dining room and kitchen at the ground floor whist the bathroom and bedrooms are at the first floor.
The apartment has a private garden right out of it, where you can stare at the wonderful landscape of the vineyard and valleys down from Orzale with a panoramic view just sitting on the chair drinking wine.

Servizi Disponibili
  • 1-2 bathrooms with shower
    1-2 bedrooms (linen included)
    dining room and kitchen with furniture included
    private garden / terrace with table / chairs and outdoor umbrella

Tenuta Orzale

Company headquarters:
Via Cerroni, 28 – 50050 Montaione (FI)

Email: info@tenutaorzale.it

: +39 349 0768437

: +39 3494900364

: +39 3472714604

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